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『日本の娘』[The Daughter of Japan]

Film Synopsis

Two young Burmese pilots, who also happen to be brothers, visit Japan hoping to fulfil their long-held dream of completing a nonstop flight from Tokyo to Rangoon (present day Yangon). But upon their arrival, the elder of the two falls in love with a Japanese woman named Emiko, casting a shadow over not only their flight plans but also the brothers’ relationship.

Film Details

Alternate Titles: The Daughter of Japan


Original Production Country: Japan

Original Release Year: 1935

Original Elements Held By: NFAJ, Tokyo

Original Distribution Company: 

Production Company: P.C.L. Film Productions, Japan & A1 Studio, British Burma (Myanmar)

Executive Producer: 


Director: Nyi Pu (Co-Director Yoshiro Edamasa (and others)


Cinematography: Shohei Kawatani


Sound: Koji Ichikawa

Sound Editor: 



Other Credits: 

Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1

Colour System: B/W

Colour Process: 

Duration: 85mins

Restoration Details

Status: Released

Country Where Restored: Japan

Country Restoration First Screened: Japan

Lab Image Restored By: Imagica

Lab Audio Restored By: 

Archive Partner(s) in Restoration: Save Myanmar Film

Restored Elements Held By: NFAJ Tokyo

Restoration Funded By: 

Restoration Premiere: NFAJ, Tokyo

Restoration General Release Date: 26 October 2019

Screening Rights Held By: Japan: NFAJ; RoW : A1 Film Company, Yangon

BD/DVD Release: 



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Agency for Cultural Affairs [Japan] 2019 Project Mekong-Japan Exchange Year: Japanese-Myanmar Classics Joint Screening Program Report