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Giliw Ko [My Love]

Film Synopsis

The film tells the tale of Guia, a country girl played by Mila del Sol, who begins to sing American songs on the radio, after being infatuated with images of Hollywood and the attention lavished on her by the son of the wealthy hacienda owner. Actor Ely Ramos plays the son who is also the bandleader of the orchestra. She finds fame, and moves to Manila. Eventually, she becomes disillusioned, and returns to the province, singing Filipino music. She also returns to the arms of her childhood sweetheart (played by Fernando Poe, Sr).

Film Details

Alternate Titles: 

Language: Tagalog (Filipino)

Original Production Country: Philippines

Original Release Year: 1939

Original Elements Held By: 

Original Distribution Company: LVN Pictures

Production Company: LVN Pictures

Executive Producer: 


Director: Carlos Vander Tolosa

Writer: Carlos Vander Tolosa



Sound Editor: 

Music/Score: Juan Silos Jr with Ariston Avelino


Other Credits: Cast Mila del Sol, Fernando Poe Sr, Ely Ramos, Ely Ramos and Fleur de Lis

Aspect Ratio: 

Colour System: B/W

Colour Process: 

Duration: 90 mins

Restoration Details

Status: Released

Country Where Restored: Australia

Country Restoration First Screened: Philippines

Lab Image Restored By: NFSA, Canberra & PIA Manila

Lab Audio Restored By: NFSA, Canberra

Archive Partner(s) in Restoration: NFSA

Restored Elements Held By: 

Restoration Funded By: SOFIA

Restoration Premiere: CCP Manila during “All the Best from Australia” Film Festival

Restoration General Release Date: 15 November 1998

Screening Rights Held By: 

BD/DVD Release: 

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